2016 Range-wide Accomplishment Report

2016 continued the trend of impressive accomplishments for the America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative (ALRI), with various on-the-ground restoration activities reported on over two million acres to bring back or improve longleaf pine forests across the Southeast!

This 2016 Range-wide Accomplishment Report summarizes the progress over the past year toward the goal of the Range-wide Conservation Plan for the Longleaf Pine. This is the fourth annual report that documents the accomplishments of restoration of longleaf in the Southeastern United States. The report opens with a message from Troy Ettel, the 2016 Longleaf Partnership Council Chair, then follows with discussions on strategic priorities, highlights throughout the year, progress towards goals, and the future of longleaf restoration. The sustained momentum and increased accomplishments are something of which we can all be proud!

In the coming year, those involved in the Longleaf Partnership Council will take a deeper look at the overall progress as well as the challenges and opportunities for accelerating our progress. We hope you enjoy reading about the great work that has taken place in 2016 for the longleaf pine ecosystem!